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Bobaflex “I’m Glad You’re Dead” New Video


West Virginia Rockers, Bobaflex, have released their latest video “I’m Glad You’re Dead” from the new album Charlatan’s Web. Watch it here. 

I’ve pointed out my opinion of Bobablfex many times in the past. This is one of the hardest working, hardest touring bands out there, and they have the sound to back it up. For over 15 years these guys have busted their ass in the rock industry, and have flat out refused to give up, even after numerous set backs. Their work ethic and talent is something for younger bands out there to take notice of.

Bobaflex have recently released Charlatan’s Web. A new album filled with a bit more of a southern/bluesy vibe that works well with these Southern Boys. It’s an original, hooky sound that grabs ahold of you right away.

Their new video, “I’m Glad You’re Dead”, is a slamming middle finger with a powerful message and equally powerful imagery. Watch below.

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  • Wow, is all I can say about this video!! It is amazingly done!! Glad I’ve had the opportunity to see them and plan to again!! But this video and song is great!!

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