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BLACK LABEL SOCIETY Live In Missoula 2014 [Pictures + Review]

Zakk Wylde Live

The Berzerker Thunder God, Zakk Wylde, and Black Label Society, pillaged the Wilma Theatre in Missoula, Montana. Check out the review and photos here!

Black Label Society and the Montana Chapter

Black Label Society and the Montana Chapter

Even before the show, The Doom Crew met with the Montana Black Label Society chapter at the Wilma Theatre (pictured right). Fans from all over the state made the trip over to meet with Zakk Wylde and guys. It was killer to see the fan age range from 8-50.  Zakk and BLS have always been a crew that is all about the fans. It’s one of those groups that makes you feel like you have been best friends with them since you were kids.  When Zakk meets you, he doesn’t just shake your hand, he brings you in for a hug and welcomes you like a brother or sister. It’s a pretty great feeling.

After things cleared out, the opening bands took the stage took kick off this round of The Revolver Golden Gods tour featuring Butcher Babies and Devil That You Know.  By the time BLS hit the stage, it was already 90 degrees and ear deafening from the crowd, but it would only go up from there.

Black Label kicked off the set with their latest single “My Dying Time” from the brand new album, Catacombs Of The Black Vatican, which is available now. I had a quick at the set list while they were jamming the new tune, and noticed that “Godspeed Hellbound” was up next, and that’s my favorite damn BLS song. It was so surreal to watch this song played live at one of my favorite venues in my town.

I’m not sure if Zakk remembered, but the last time he was in Missoula, he had to leave to the hospital for blood clots in his leg. It was some pretty serious shit. I can tell you that bad voodoo didn’t effect one damn second of the show. You’ll hear almost every concert review say “this was the best show of the tour”, and not to sound cliche’, but I almost guarantee that this one definitely was.  Black Label Society never disappoints. This is a band and crew that are playing for the working man and fans. They know you’re spending your hard earned money, and they aim to give you a show three times as much. Like I’ve said before, Zakk Wylde is carrying the torch for what Rock and Metal bands should be about, and that’s the music and fans!

Check out pictures Zakk Wylde and Black Label Society live at the Wilma in Missoula for the Revolver Golden Gods tour below.

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