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Black Label Society to Release “Catacombs Of The Black Vatican” In April. Check Out The Video Teaser Here

Black Label Society

Zakk Wylde

Guitar icon and Black Label Society frontman Zakk Wylde has announced a brand new LP freshly titled “Catacombs of the Black Vatican,” due out Tuesday, April 8th, 2014. Read more [+]

JuggaLOVE: Internet Dating for Juggalos [VIDEO]

Juggalos Dating

It seems like there’s internet dating websites for almost every race, religion and sexual preference. What about Juggalos? Well the wicked clown posse won’t have to meet their true love outside of the Porta Potties of “The Gathering” any longer. Introducing “JuggaLOVE”. Read more [+]

Race Fan Flashes Huge Boobs and Causes Driver To Crash [VIDEO]

Driver Boob Crash

Being a guy, it’s just to hard not too take a look at a nice fan flashing her boobs, even when you’re in the middle of the race. Men see everything when breasts are involved.  Read more [+]

Korean Girl Gives Hendrix A Twist Using A Gayageum [VIDEO]

Gayageum Hendricks

A young Korean woman, simply known as ‘Luna’, has put together her rendition of Voodoo Child from Jimi Hendrix using an instrument known as a “Gayageum”. Read more [+]

Joey Jordison Breaks Silence On Slipknot Departure

Slipknot Drummer

Scar The Martyr FB

Now former Slipknot drummer, Joey Jordison, has taken to facebook to break the silence on his recent departure from the band.  Read more [+]

Cooking Hostile With Phil Anselmo Episode 2 Now Online! [VIDEO]

Phil Anselmo Cooking Hostile

Just in time for New Years, Episode 2 of “Cooking Hostile” with Phil Anselmo is now online, and of course its awesome as f*ck! Read more [+]

Some Crazy Asshole Mashed Up Every Song On Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory” with Gangnam Style [AUDIO]

Psy and Linkin Park

Youtube user, RosalinaSama, has taken every song from Linkin Park’s “Hybrid Theory” and given it a mashup twist with “Gangnam Style” from Korean pop star, Psy. Check out all the songs, and even download all the album for free here.  Read more [+]

Wayne Static and DMC Team Up For “Noise Revolution” [VIDEO]

Wayne Static

Evil Disco King, Wayne Static, and rap master, DMC, have teamed up for a new collaboration titled “Noise Revolution“. Check out the video here.  Read more [+]

Of Mice & Men: New Song “Bones Exposed” Will Crush Your Face

Of Mice and Men

“Restoring The Force” available January 28th

Of Mice & Men are geared up to release their highly anticipated The Flood follow up album titled Restoring Force. The band has released another song for streaming. Listen to “Bones Exposed” here.  Read more [+]

METALLICA: Entire ‘Freeze ‘Em All’ Antarctica Show

Metallica Freeze Em All

Freeze ‘Em All

Metallica recently became the first band to play all 7 continents in one year with their grand finale, “Freeze ‘Em All” that took place in Antarctica. The entire show is available to watch and DOWNLOAD here.  Read more [+]