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All That Remains at Operation Kick Ass (Rockstar Radio Interview + Pics)

All That Remains


All That Remains had one of the shorter sets I’ve ever seen them play at the recent “Operation Kick Ass” festival in Chula Vista, CA, but that didn’t stop them from completely pummeling you.

Talking to Mike Martin and Jeanne Sagan a few hours before their set was super chill. As I packed my gear and walked away from the interview I thought, “These two hilarious, off the wall characters I just spoke with will be crushing your face in less than two hours”. It always floors me how bands can do a complete 180 right when they hit the stage.

All That Remains

Knowing that Mike and Jeanne don’t take themselves too seriously, It was a nice change to not have a super serious interview. I knew we could b.s about the evolution in sound that All That Remains has gone through over the years, and of course, what the internet though about that.  Speaking of the Internet, front man, Phil Labonte, is no stranger to social media. The singer voices his Libertarian opinion on a daily basis and likes to “stir the pot” every once in awhile.  *Side note Phil actually knows his shit. I don’t care what side you’re on, as long as you’re educated, mother f*cker.


The All That Remains set moves quickly. As Mike explains in the interview, Phil Labonte doesn’t like to talk a lot between songs, and he didn’t.  The short set kind of forced the band to crank one song right after another. I was stoked that they did span the ATR career with older songs from Fall Of Ideals on up to the latest sings from A War You Cannot Win.

Check out the gallery of live set pics from All That Remains at “Operation Kick Ass” below:


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