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5 Reasons To Listen To Stellar Revival: “The Crazy Ones” (Video)

Stellar Revival

Florida Rockers, Stellar Revival, have released their new single and video for “The Crazy Ones“.  From the first 30 seconds or so of listening, I was pretty much like “Fuck. Yes.” If you are anything like me, you’re a bit tired of all the new rock sounding the exact same. You can blame the record companies, or the bands, or management. Whatever. The fact is a lot of new shit does sound the same, and its really great when you hear something a bit different like this single. I’ve compiled 5 good reasons why you need to listen to this new track.


1. Any song that starts out with a good build up, and you know any second the track is about to explode, gets me hard.

2. Being from Florida, or probably at least inspired by Southern Rock and having that sound come through in their music is a huge bonus. To me, Southern Rock is kind of a lost musical art, that needs to be revived!

3. Lyrics. I’ve always said “Rock’N Roll Ain’t Rocket Science”. It really isn’t. If you over think, and over analyze your work, you are probably doomed to fail.  The Crazy Ones keeps it simple and puts a shit eating grin on your face: “‘Cause We Are Crazy Ones. The Mavericks, The Dreamers, The Forgotten Sons. We Color Outside The Lines For Fun. ‘Cause We Are The Crazy Ones.”

4. The Groove and The Hook in Crazy Ones is pretty damn rockin. The reason its called a “Hook” is literally just that. To hook you. And it does! The groove has a Wolfmother/Queens Of The Stone Age feel, but it’s all American Badass.

5. The Crazy Ones is a rockin track by a band working their ass off in an industry that seems to love to kill the little guy. Show it some support and listen! 


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