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5 Questions With Saliva + New Single ‘In It To Win It’ (Interview) (Audio)

New Saliva

Saliva: In It To Win It

Saliva is ready to take over your Rock airwaves once again. This time it’s with a new singer Bobby Amaru, and a new single “In It To Win It”.  I wanted to see what direction the band was heading, what kind of changes we might find in a “new” Saliva, and give you a chance to listen to the new song.  It’s all right here on Rockstar Radio!

5 Questions With SALIVA

1. With a new lead singer comes a new vibe and sound. The long term fans of Saliva are sure to wonder how the big Saliva songs of the past are going to sound with a new front man. How do you think the Saliva fans are going to react when they hear these songs for this first time with Bobby?
Well, actually Bobby has been in the band for a year and a half now and we have been touring off and on for most of that time. He absolutely nails the old songs and the fans have been very supportive and they love him. A lot of fans have told us that they like Saliva better with Bobby on vocals.
2. You (Saliva) sounds like it’s very excited to make new music and step in a new direction. What can we expect with the new stuff? Any surprises?
The new record is a lot heavier than our last few. Having Bobby  in the band has really brought a massive new energy to the band. This record is one that you can just push play and listen to the whole thing. Every song is great. The only surprise is how amazing this new record really is.
3. Is there any band traditions or hazing that the band will be doing with the new singer?
We always haze each other all the time so there is not really anything new there. We just always try to one up each other all the time.
4. With Bobby on vocals now, is there one song that Saliva could totally see themselves covering that maybe they wouldn’t have before?
We are talking about covering “Would” by Alice in Chains.
5. Looking forward, what is the goal for Saliva? Where do you see the band one year down the road?
Our goal is to continue on as long as we can and gain new fans. I don’t see us going anywhere for a long time. We are all really passionate about our music and there is nothing else we would rather do.


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